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Andrew U. Frank

Andrew U. Frank

em.o.Univ.Prof. Dr. sc.techn. Dr. h.c. Dipl.Ing.

Andrew U. Frank

Introduction to the Static Site Generator (SSG)

Starts with the design goals and a review of the rationale for a web site content manager. It then covers installation and the instructions to adapt the program to serve your own homepage! (pdf)

The programs to generate a web sitea.k.a. content management systems

available in 2018 did not satisfy my expectations but I felt that most of the tools required to build a static site generator where available. Thus I embarked on building Yet Another Static Site Generator adaptet to the needs of an academicThe web contains a surpsing amount of advice,from - a consultant, or older, from 2012, by publisher, or - current to go to a static site generator and markdown, 2, - yet another commerical service and - another howto


After a short introduction to the Static Site Generator SSG follow the instruction to download and to adapt the program to produce a personalized homepage. Not much to do other than organizing content pages in directories, include title and abstract to each content page and add a title and abstract tot the index.md page in each directory.

Directories with more related texts:

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