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Andrew U. Frank

Andrew U. Frank

em.o.Univ.Prof. Dr. sc.techn. Dr. h.c. Dipl.Ing.

Andrew U. Frank

Homepage Andrew U. Frank

Work in progress - useful to download publications and follow my progress! (pdf)


My homepage is work in progress. It contains a

I will collect here professional and private information. My homepage should serve as a place where I test new ideas and communicate them to my friends.

The presentation uses the layout pioneered by Edward TufteIt builds on tools like tufte-css, tufte-css-pandoc and pandoc-css.

and runs with Pandoc. Pandoc makes it possible to produce from the same text (in Markdown format) the HTML for the web presentation and a pdf, which is usually easier for reading a paper copy.

The text should adapt to the screen widthThanks to w3c templates

- and will be further improved with images.

The presentation requires some more fine tuning and fixing differences in formatting, which emerged over the years of writing.

Produced with SGG from index_pub.html (public, publish) with master7tufte.dtpl.
SSG and w3.css