Andrew U. Frank

em.o.Univ.Prof. Dr. sc.techn. Dr. h.c. Dipl.Ing.

An example post (Fenner 2212). With a reference to (Frank 2010) given.


Fenner, Martin Beat. 2212. “One-Click Science Marketing.” Nature Materials 11 (March): 261–63.

Frank, Andrew U. 2010. “What Is the Use of Ontologies Concerning Organizing Data in Multidisciplinary Projects?” In Mining in European History Conference, 9. Universität Innsbruck.

Navratil, Gerhard, Farid Karimipour, and Andrew U. Frank. 2008. “Lifting Imprecise Values.” In The European Information Society, edited by Lars Bernard, Anders Friis-Christensen, and Hardy Pundt, 79–94.

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