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My grandparents (my father's family):

Emma Flückiger born 23. März 1894, Kanzlistin in Burgdorf, died. 11. Januar 1977, divorced from

Ernst Frank, born 5. April 1896, died 1958 in Argentinia

My grandparents (my mother's family):

Ernst Peter born 14.5.1889 died 31.1.1965 from Madretsch - Biel (Switzerland)
He emigrated to the USA (St.Louis) probably around 1910 after having learned the trade of barber from his father.
His mother's (or his stepmother's, his mother died while giving birth) maiden name was Fasnacht. They were likely fishermen. I met some descendants of the Fasnacht family later in Muntelier (Freiburg, Switzerland).

Louise Schneider born 13.5.1896 died 13.5.1997.

My grandparents met im "Gasthof zum Bären" in Trubschachen (Emmenthal, Switzerland - still existing!), when my grandfather returned to Switzerland from the USA to marry. Engagement, wedding and honeymoon in 1914 to Italy (we found a postcard from a nice hotel in Naples, where they likely had dinner). They return to St.Louis and lived in a mostly German speaking neighborhood. My grandfather run a fashionable barber shop close to the St. Louis capitol. Three children born in the USA (Ernst, Willi and Trudi). They returned 1927 and my mother Hedwig was born in this year in Biel (Switzerland).

My Childhood

I was born Feb. 3, 1948 in Bern (Switzerland). My parents lived at the Monbijoustrasse quite central in the town and my father worked as an editor at "Der Bund", a liberal-conservative newspaper. He covered the summer olympics in London.

My brother was born Sept. 27, 1950 and my parents moved to a larger apartment in Bümpliz at Bernstrasse 101 - a village which became part of the town. I remember few things: annualy the Alfa Romeo racing team for the Grand Prix stayed across in a small hotel and drove with their monopost across town to the race course. We moved soon to a classical villa where we had a big garden and I started Kindergarten there in 1953. In this summer drove with our VW to Italy to the sea (Alasio, Liguria, Italy), I remember images of war damage in the Italian mountains we crossed, but mostly swimming in the sea, the spaghetti my mother cooked and cactus figs.

The daily commute (of 15 km) was too strenuous for my father and we moved back to the town to a large apartment at Wattenwilweg 21 in the Obstberg area of Berne, where I started school in the Schosshalde building.

When I visit these locations (in person or on Google StreetView) I am amazed on the amount of urbanization.

In Alasio we went for hikes in the olive groves above the town - a few minutes walk. In Bern, I had a walk to school with lots of social interaction with my school comrades, adventurous detours in a magic wood with a ruin (Schönbergpark) where we smoked wild wines (horrible experience!). After school I went with my friend to town center and we bought bait fish (for 20 cents)...

School was boring - I was a fast reader and understood that 10 : 3 was 3.333 when the official program was "SUM, SUM, SUM, Biene summ herum". Memories are a lecture on coal chemistry producing colors - the lecture was for an older group and I was - possibly as a punishment - forced to sit there and do some individual work.

My father took on a new job in insurance in Zurich - a "far away" (120 km) town which I probably had never visited before. My parents found a nice apartment at Feldblumenweg 125 where we had access to a playground. My brother and I went to the Schulhaus Untermoos.


I am professor emeritus of the TU Wien, interested in ontology for actions in space.

I live in Vienna (Austria) and spend much time in [Geras (Lower Austria)] (,+2093+Geras/@48.8002412,15.6727997,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4772b08b644287bf:0x9c5d49480841aaca!8m2!3d48.8002412!4d15.6749884), where I have an old farmhouse (see banner picture).

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