A laptop from stoneage

abstract: Does it still work?

A laptop from stoneage

In 2008 I bought the first small and inexpensive laptop, the new eeePC 901. I loved this machine because it worked well and the form and color (white) was attraactive. It did not ever become my primary machine, probably because of its

Nevertheless, I ran linux -- first ubuntu, then debian with XFCE -- well enough. It became replaced by other computers and reappeared again, because it was just such a lovely machine.

Yesterday I found it again and, low and behold, it still ran; I had installed debian stretch on it. I took a while to upgrade all software from 2016. Nice. I had to connect to the new sync hosts to get the current files on the desktop.

Okay, the machine is slow to start an application -- due probably to slow memory and small memory.

I wanted to experiment with docker. No luck: there is no docker available for a 32-bit AMD architecture (only for the ARM). Installing visual code required a download and manual install of an slightly outdate version.

i guess it will be the machine to carry when a small laptop with a keyboard is desirable... but hardly the computer for every day.

It remains amazing that a 12 year old laptop still works and is basically usable. I wonder how long the software will be available?

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